Italian girl name

I think alessia is very pretty. Can even say alessi for short. Thoughts? Is it bad the word less is in it? Or is that over thinking. Live in usa. Tia :)
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In Italy for Alessia, we call her as nickname “Ale” with Italian pronunciation. Nothing bad, it’s a Greek origin name and means “who will protect”.


@Gaia good to know. That's my nieces name so I can't do that nn hah

@Monica that's really pretty. Thank you for the suggestion

how do you pronounce Alessia?

I love it! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it at all

You could have Ali or Lessi for short. Or maybe Lele.

@Lauren a less ee ah

I like that name 👍

Very pretty name!

I have a friend called Alessia - nicknamed Ale (prounounced Ally) it’s a lovely name

@Helen i love that!! but couldn't use ally bc a close relative name. So now idk i should use the name :/

What about Alessandra with a nickname like Sandy or Andra or Sia..? Someone else said Lessie which would work for this or the original name Alessia. But who says you have to have a nickname, you could just call her Alessia if that’s what you’ve got your heart set on. It is a beautiful name x

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