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My son’s 1st birthday party is coming up and I have no mommy friends so I’m just scared there’s ganna be more adults then kids there 😕
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Does your baby go to a day care? You can send the invitation to the parents of the others babies. I’m actually in the same situation, just family and like 3 friends with babies 🙈

@Nidiana he hasn’t started day care yet, and it even smaller because I don’t have much young children in the family so they will definitely be outnumbered

I don’t have mom friends either and our party is definitely more adults than kids. It’s mainly going to be family and friends but my husband and I are in our mid 20s so our friends don’t have kids yet. We are doing a soft play rental so the adults can play with our kid in a safe area and not just be passed around. He is very active and likes to climb around as well so we are hoping he’ll have a lot of fun with the soft play too.

I had the same dilemma when having my sons birthday. My mom ended up inviting her book club (mostly younger moms) and family friends we knew who had small children. I also told some friends I had coming who had nieces and nephews they could bring them. So many kids came, it was fun!

There are almost always more adults than kids for the first few years, once they start school or if they’re in daycare, they start making more friends their age and the party guests shift to be more kid-focused. I wouldn’t worry about it! The main thing is a celebration of your sweet baby, no matter who is present 🤍

We just had my baby's first birthday and she was the only baby there! We invited two other little ones but they couldn't make it at the last minute. The party was on the smaller side but was still really nice

Our party only had my three nephews and 10 adults and it was great!

We had two small parties. One for hubby's immediate family. One for my parents and a few of our adult friends ( we have friends with young kids, but it's only like 2 or three people we know that have young kids )

The first birthday party is for the adults anyway because the birthday kid won't remember it.

Both of our parties went well 😀

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