Can’t poop or pass gas ?

I am having trapped gas and can’t poop type of pain !! I am 17weeks and 4days pregnant and I’m having a hard time pooping or farting which is making my stomach hurt really bad . Is this normal ? I’m scared I may hurt the baby ?
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Metamucil helped me so much with this!! Or some miralax to help with the constipation. I hope you feel better and get some relief!

Normal. Hormones at this point slow down your digestive system. Second the recommendation of metamucil. Also, make sure to eat food with plenty of fiber. Good foods to help things along: rhubarb, peaches, pears, prunes, apples, kiwis. Also, one of those stools for the potty can help pooping. If you still haven't pooped and its getting worse, talk to your Dr. Also, a little spotting is normal after a hard bowel movement if you are suffering from constipation. I had some constipation with my first and freaked out when I saw that.

I take a colace every day. I did last pregnancy too, and it helps so much. It actually helps me remember to take my prenatal too!

fiber! i’ve heard magnesium helps too but i’d ask your doctor ab that before just taking it, i was having that issue but made some pasta salad with these fiber noodles and i actually felt like relief when i went to the bathroom finally

also with gas it can leave via burps too! i’ll drink a glass of ginger ale and that’ll usually trigger some burps n get some of those gas bubbles out

Movement, hydration, nutrient-rich foods are some basics. Other options to help are spinal twists, breath of fire, and marching or bicycle legs while lying down to stimulate the colon. Can also try abdominal massage & lower back stimulation. Calm (magnesium citrate) is a good type of magnesium to help with constipation & any muscle tightness. Good luck!!

So last night I had the worse stomach pain ever and I also have diarrhea any advice would be helpful 🫶

Omg thought I’m alone. Good to know that others experience the same due to the hormones. Tonight I had the worst stomachache that made me woke up at night and turned out just gas and bm 😂

For quick relief you can take gas x and drink lots of water. Lay on your left side and bring your knees to your chest

I’ve been having the same issue, then I started taking two spoonfuls of fiber everyday which has helped so much! I forgot it when I went on vacation and I could definitely tell 😅

I’ve been taking Miralax in my morning coffee every day and it’s been helping. OB approved it for daily use since it just brings water into your colon.

So I ended up going to the ER and I have gallbladder stones

Eat a banana drank lots of water eat cheese too it helps drank milk also

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