Spectra or Momcozy wearable?

I'm due in September with my first and planning to pump. I'm debating a Spectra S2 vs one of the Momcozy wearable units and wanted to see what kind if experiences you ladies have had with each and what you would recommend. I'm open to other pump suggestions as well, these are just the ones I've been looking into based on how much my insurance covers of each unit. Thanks for your input!
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Spectra all the way I love my pumps I have s1 and s2

I purchased my spectra s1 and s2 used off marketplace and just replaced all of the tubing and flanges and everything but the pump itself and used my insurance to pay for a wearable pump! Just a thought if you’re open to it!

I literally have both 😂. I will say the momcozy is very convenient but the spectra does empty me out better. I’ll say get the spectra thur insurance and maybe find a more affordable wearable

Following along to hear people’s experiences too! I’m tossing between the momcozy M5 and a Spectra S1 or S2. I absolutely LOVE my Momcozy S9! It pumps great (far better than my mumilk dupe) and I absolutely love being able to do house chores and play with bub while pumping, otherwise I’d feel like I have no time to pump. I just don’t like the motor sitting on top as it can feel a bit top heavy so as I look for a second pump the M5 looks really ideal.

S1 and V1 empty me the exact same way. V1 is wayyyy more practical in all ways. It is also way more comfortable in my opinion.

I have spectra s2 and Momcozy m5 wearable. The Momcozy gets more milk out in same amount of time as spectra for me. And with Momcozy I can be mobile still. Idk what it is as I hear everyone else says the spectra gets more milk- but for me the Momcozy does. I have smaller boobs too so idk if that matters.

I have both and I love my spectra and didn’t get along with my momcozy m5 it took twice as long to get half the amount and split my nipples 3 times I wanted to love it for convenience but I won’t use mine again after that I take my spectra everywhere and pump on the go with it too!

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