Baby seems to be uncomfortable

My baby is one month old and a few days ago he started grunting and lifting his legs while he sleeps. He moves a lot and makes noises, he seems very uncomfortable. Is that normal?
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Mine would do this too. It was usually gas. What would help her was moving her legs like a bike then pulling down and moving her knees to her chest after. Try looking up how to relieve baby’s gas for a better description lol

Yeah we do that but It doesn't seem to work, he doesn't release gas and continues with these movements and grunts. We also give him belly massages but still no change, all that made me think that maybe he doesn't have discomfort from gas 😪

Another suggestion would be reflux, which mine was diagnosed with at around 5 weeks. She started out the same as what you’re describing (she would fart/poop w bike movements tho) but then it quickly got a lot worse. Maybe it’s something you can talk to the ped about to maybe rule it out at least. It sucks to see them uncomfortable:(

I knowww, I can’t sleep in peace seeing him like this, it’s like torture 😮‍💨 How was your baby diagnosed with reflux, what tests did they do or how did they find out?

So lifting legs whilst asleep they say is them trying to self soothe. Mine always did this. When was the last time they pooped? Could be a little constipated maybe. Trying to get gas out of our baby was like blood from a stone. We did all the leg lifts, belly massages, he just wouldn't fart 😂 xx

The lifting legs isn’t a symptom and being that your baby is only a month old it’s still normal for them to make noise constantly. In my baby’s case she would only be ok in an upright position but there were a couple of nights in a row where she would scream bloody murder when she’d burp so that kind of gave it away. Hers was “silent reflux” cause she wouldn’t spit up more than usual. There aren’t really any tests for it, just the symptoms. I’m not saying your baby has reflux!!! Just saying my baby’s started out the same way with lifting her legs. If you think he could be gassy you can also try gas drops (we tried those when she was around a month old and it’s safe).

@Ashley yeah I think it may be reflux because it happens only when we put him down on his back but I send a message to his pediatrician but she was not available so I had a video call with another doctor and she was like, it’s nothing you just have a fussy baby 😒 I know he is not a fussy baby and I’m pretty sure something is going on, but I guess I’ll have to wait one week until I have an appointment with his real pediatrician

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