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My husband and I just had our baby 4 months ago and I found out he made another Snapchat to text women 6 months ago. I can’t see the full conversations because it is Snapchat but the ones that are saved are addresses and photos. I confronted him about this a few days ago and he told me that since I was his first he didn’t get to have a “hoe stage” like I did in my passed. So he wanted to feel the void by texting others. He said he never met anyone in person or did anything other than text. He just liked the thought that he could I guess. He ended up deleting the snap and told me he won’t do it again but I feel like he could always just make a new page right? I brushed it off but then today I looked at his TikTok and he’s liking all these girls dancing. It wouldn’t bother me so much but these women he’s texting and watching look nothing like me at all. I’m black, they are white or Asian. I’m a bigger girl and they are all skinny. What do I do? Do I just deal with it cause we have our baby together? Everything else in our marriage has been amazing so why this?
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Just because you have a baby together doesnt mean you have to stay in that relationship. A baby isn’t a glue to the relationship. Before there was a baby there was only you two. It’s really disrespectful of him to do such things. If you don’t have respect in a relationship or towards you you’re going to have trust issues. I went through something similar with my boyfriend . He would like other girls videos and pictures and like you said, I wouldn’t of cared as much either if they looked like me. I just had literally like a weeks worth of a talk with him and he hasn’t done it since. If you feel like he will do it again or something I would put some distance between you guys. And just because he didn’t have a hoe stage or whatever he doesnt have the right to disrespect you, make you feel insecure, make you have trust issues and make you think like you’re not good enough.

If they could do it once they could do it again. If he truly loves you he wouldn’t fuck up ur relationship but rather value it

Once a cheat always a cheat I believe

I would talk to him. Tell him that he chose to not have a hoe phase when he married you. So he either needs to stop or the marriage will. I would see if you can go to counseling together.

I don’t know whether leaving is the right call or not. He could still do it again, But since it just went as far as talking to other people, it could have just been laps in judgement. What I don’t like, however, is the justification. Just because he hasn’t been with anyone else, doesn’t mean it’s ok to do stuff or plan doing stuff by getting addresses with other people. I have only been with my husband and vice versa. I know that’s not the norm. But I don’t “hoe around with people to see what it feels like.” That’s just my take on the situation.

oh fuuuuuck no girl you deserve better than that! ill be the one to say it if its what you need to hear and if its not then ignore me lol. leave his assssss!!!🫶

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