Tongue Tie?

My baby is 6 weeks old. We are in Falkirk. She has reflux. I’m convinced she has a tongue tie that’s what’s causing her issues. She’s bottle fed. Her symptoms are -Taking ages to feed - sometimes over an hour -Really gassy/bad wind. She’s so difficult to burp. -Often sick, sometimes hours after a feed. -Never seems full always wants more milk -Spills milk everywhere I’ve heard they don’t cut tongue ties on the NHS anymore? Does anyone know how much it costs to go private? Thanks!
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My baby was exactly the same, I can highly recommend Latch world in Dunfermline, we paid £200 for a tongue tie assessment & division. We also got lots of advice around bottle feeding and now have no problems with feeding.

This was our situation too. We went private to Clinic M near Inverness and it was £150 for the consultation and then an addition £100 for the procedure to be done on the same day if a tongue tie was confirmed

Do u have pics of babies tongue? We originally thought our baby had tongue tie and had looked into Latch world, her name is carla and shes from Fife, i have a screenshot with her email address… (we didnt actually use her as turns out baby just had really bad reflux!)

NHS wont do it anymore both my wee ones have a tounge tie and unless it affect their feeds (in my case it wasn’t too bad just the reflux that was the main issue) then they won’t do anything but then the health visitor stated that the nhs don’t do it and u need to go private x

@Kirsty thank you will contact her x

@Heather could you show a picture of the tongue tie if possible? I’m having similar issues

@Maria I can’t get a good picture. She doesn’t have an obvious tongue tie but I’m still convinced there is a slight one that’s there 💖

This is her feeding. I noticed how different my friends baby drinks her milk from the same type of bottle. She struggles to drink a lot at a time. We’ve tried different bottles, she’s on Carobel milk thickener and we’ve adjusted her teet size.

I had my sons tongue tie done on the NHS in Feb, I insisted on our health visitor doing a referal x

Turns out she’s got an upper lip tie and a posterior tongue tie. Thank you everyone for your help!

@Heather glad it got diagnosed ♥️

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