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Hi! Does anyone have any experience or advice? My husband just got a new job that pays amazing, I currently work 4 days a week but I don’t make to much. We’ve talked a lot about me becoming a stay at home mom, and I really want to do it but I’m nervous for just people’s opinions, money, staying busy etc. I currently have a 4 month old and I just recently went back to work. Long story short, I’ve worked hard to get to the job I have now and it’s going to be hard to leave such a great workplace but my gut is telling me to be with my daughter. 😊😅 what should I do? Does anyone have a similar experience?
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I was the breadwinner before I was medically removed from work (23 weeks); he’s 8 months now, and it was the best decision that I ever made. I am SOOOO happy.

A job can be replaced. You get to watch that little one grow right in front of you. It’s a huge blessing! I left a really great workplace so we could move out of state and now I stay at home. I feel happier. My daughter is 5 but she’s so fun to be with 24/7!!

4 days a week is already a pretty good balance! You should ask yourself how good are you at making memories and sentimentality, how easily are you overwhelmed by children in general. The stretches of time I have done pure SAHM I had to actively journal about what we did because for my brain there is so much time together that I actually forget what I saw. I also would get anxious about my next freelance/contract and still get that about whether I will be able to return to full-time. I have to actively meditate and practice mindfulness so that doesn't get in the way of giving my kids the attention they deserve. Honestly I do better when I have an alignment of fun gig, childcare I trust and knowing that I can focus on the kids when the hours for the day are done ( I don't do more than 6 hours unless it's a crunch, then I might stay up). I do love the flexibility and that my kids get to go with me on errands and attempt to cook and clean together. I am not easily bothered by kids acting crazy out and about

Additionally mindfulness can help with opinions and staying busy fears, but it will not erase that. I think when women talk about it being hard to be a SAHM it is about managing all those thoughts so that you can actually enjoy your lifestyle. Sometimes of course it is about lack of balance in household duties. My husband loves to keep certain areas his level of clean so I don't have that problem.

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