I need some help. My LG isn't eating.

Hey, hope you're doing well. She'll be 19 months old in 5 days. She used to like certain foods, but not anymore. She keeps going to the fridge asking for food, but then spits it out when we give it to her. She's teething and had a bit of a cold with a fever a few days ago. This all started around then. She's never been a big eater, but she'd at least eat a few bites at every meal. We eat together as a family, but she's been really fussy lately. I'm still breastfeeding her. Any advice on how to get her interested in eating again? Should I be worried, or is this just a phase?
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I recommend the book 'my child won't eat'. It helped me so so much to accept that babies/toddlers go through phases without wanting to eat. I still find it challenging but I'm a bit less worried. I'd try not to worry as long as she's still drinking/breastfeeding and has wet and dirty nappies. X

@Uli Thanks for the recommendation. I'll check out that book. I'm trying not to worry since she's still breastfeeding. Thanks again for the reassurance. X

If still BF and having fluids I've found trying not to worry really helps. My little one goes off food so much when teething or poorly, I just give him more of things he does like eg Bananas, toast etc and still serve him proper meals in the hope he will just switch back, which he usually does by himself after a week or so x

This happened to my LO. She didn’t have solid for about two weeks just milk and liquids. She was teething and had fever.. its just a phase that will pass

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