Polygamist Relationships

Thoughts and opinions. Your bd wants to be in a poly relationship with you. But it’s not something you want. You have the option to either move out and go live with family or stay and try it out.
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Its something you dont want so definitely go live with family. You’ll be okay mama❤️..don’t lower your standards. You know what you want and you dont want that so go on

Do what pleases YOU, and no one else!

Life is very short. Do what makes you happy not him or anyone else. You will find someone much better that fits your life perfectly 💞

This never works, folks think it will but it won’t, all psychologists note how destructive this is. All this is, is him asking you for permission to cheat, do not let him make you doubt your morals, and just because something sounds exciting doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Love isnt intentionally putting your partner in a situation that compromises their personal integrity. Do consult a couples counselor about this or at least watch some YouTube videos that touch on this subject. Doctor John Delony has a number of videos on polyamory/polygamy and noted why it always fails.

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