Why is pregnancy so much harder with a toddler?

Is this just me or has anyone else felt this? Any advice would be appreciated! 😄
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Same girl. Im following for the advice.

32weeks pregnant with a 13m old, and I don’t know how I survive each day 😅 at this point in my first pregnancy I was working overtime bartending until I was 37 weeks, and now I can barely handle folding the laundry these days.

I’m 34 weeks on Saturday with twins and my little one is 2 in September. I love the ‘have a rest’ comments yep sure I’ll just tell the small person to sit down too 😂 or that I shouldn’t be lifting things or her.. I’m like who do you think does it every day? I don’t think it’s for the weak but just try to find some time in the day to rest I always have a lay down when my toddler naps so I know I’m trying to and also split up activities throughout the week so you’re not overdoing it x

I heard don’t have two under two

I'm so glad it's not just me. Also following for advice because this shit feels impossible some days 😭

My daughter turns 2 on Sunday + 27w pregnant with a boy. I'm exhausted. Glad it's not just me x

26 weeks and my son is 13 months and I’m exhausted every evening! 😅

I know it's difficult, but I have nothing to compare it to 😆 I'm currently pregnant with my first, and I have a 3 y/o stepson whom we have some of the time. It makes me a teeny bit sad that I'll never get to experience just the one baby on his own, if that makes sense.

I’m 36 weeks pregnant with 2 toddlers and honestly I feel like I’m being tortured 😂

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