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Don’t you just absolutely love how everyone is so supportive of your pregnancy in the beginning and they are sooo excited! But then as you get further in your pregnancy the support and excitement slowly fades away lol.. I feel as if none of my family actually call or text to check on me. My friends do though and I’m so grateful ❤️.. one of my close aunties hasn’t spoken to me in a week because I didn’t come over to help her pack a suitcase for a trip.. while in 90 degree weather after a 8 hr shift while 7 months pregnant 😊 mind u she was helped by my sister… one thing I will never forget is how people treated me while pregnant!! If you can be so petty please don’t think you will be in my child’s face when they get here!!
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I was just thinking about this. The check ins are few and far in between now. And my best friend posted this whole post about her BOSS having a baby and how she can’t wait to meet her… but not mine lol.

When u look back we’re u supportive of other pregnant women friends/family.

@Charlotte always ❤️ even caught a plane to surprise some family members for showers because I was so happy and excited for them and wanted to be there for them.

Honestly, it happened with my first with mostly friends as I was 26. Now it’s been family, no one checks up on me. And literally even my sister has been horrible to me this entire pregnancy. She made a post on IG and TikTok and stories about her friends gender reveal and baby shower while we were in the midst of not talking after she legit ghosted me. And never posted about me ONCE! She’s my only sibling and we grew up together. And the post on IG was definitely the day after we argued, and it felt like a stab to the chest. Not because of social media, but going out of your way to be this spiteful and mean was disgusting and heart wrenching

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