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Hi all, I'm curious about what your baby's days look like for an average day. What times roughly are feedings / what times are naps? Are they on two naps or still three? Obv I know times change and no day is the same.. just trying to wrap my brain around what a rough timeline will look like. My little guy is still taking 3 naps, but has hit a sleep regression (on top of ongoing teething insanity) so I'm trying to prepare for when the third nap drops 😅
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My lo Get up between 630-730 He gets a bottle And solid breakfast midway through starts his first nap between 930 - 10 we don’t let him sleep for more than 2 hours (but sometimes we wakes up after an hour) Another bottle A pouch Down for second nap starting at 1 -3 depending on when he woke up from first nap He gets a bottle when he wakes up, a pouch and a little dinner and then a mini bottle before bed around 730

@michelle thank you!! Can I ask, how many oz does he usually drink in a day?

We don't have a solid eating schedule yet. But his first nap is two hours after he wakes up in the morning and his second nap is 2-4pm

We range between 6-8 oz bottles 4 times a day!

We dropped the third nap about a month and a half-two months ago and I was so stressed about it! Here’s our rough schedule: Wake up between 7-7:30 and nurse Breakfast around 9 Nap at 10:30 - sometimes it’s a two hour nap, sometimes it’s 30 minutes and the second one is long so here’s where it changes. Nurse Lunch around 1 if he’s up around 11:30 or lunch around 2 if he’s up around 12:30. Second nap anywhere between 2:30-3:45 usually until 4-4:30 Nurse Dinner around 6 Nurse and bedtime around 8

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