I feel more paranoid now that I’m towards the end of pregnancy with sleeping I’ve heard it’s bad to sleep on your right side which I have mainly my whole pregnancy with not complications baby girl is healthy and breathing good and got a 8/8 from ultrasound teach I am also high risk so it scares me but I get bad hip pains while sleeping to one side I always start with my left the. end up on right 80% of the time have yall found things to help or am I good
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Towards the end I could only sleep ion my back with my head and neck on high pillows, but sometimes I’d wake up kinda flat and you’re not supposed to sleep on your back. Either side is better than back supposedly. Baby is totally fine.

I slept on my right and left side the whole time during pregnancy. Mostly right because my left hip always hurt. I just gave birth 3 days again and my baby is healthy.

I slept on my right the entire pregnancy! Baby boy is fine!

Honestly I’m not sure what you can do with the hip pain cuz I used pillows and sadly it still hurt. But I did this pose on all fours and rocked back and forth. It helped with some of the hip pain and also when I had contractions

I sleep every which way, and did with my first who is just fine.

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