Pumping and Sterilising

Started pumping yesterday with electric pump. After steam sterilisation it takes alllllll day to air dry on paper towel and you’re not meant to use until is completely dry - how are people overcoming this. Im thinking a steam and dry steriliser but expensive! Also, when you have to rebuild pump your hands pretty much touch alot of parts your milk will touch?? So its not sterile any more - am i doing something wrong?
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I don’t pump yet but we have a uv steriliser so that’s supposed to sterilise through plastic as long as it’s clear. Also has a drying function. There’s some good deals on Facebook marketplace but I also bought a UVC test card so I can keep an eye that the bulb is strong enough

I was advised by the midwives that you don’t need to sterilise a pump or bottles used for breast milk. Just wash in hot soapy water and air and likewise wash your hands before reassembling the parts.

I've been exclusively pumping for 10 months now. I sterilise my pump after every 2nd, sometimes 3rd use and keep it in the fridge in between sessions. I wash my hands thoroughly before touching any pump parts. Manufacturer actually recommends sterilising once a day and washing with hot soapy water inbetween I just wash my hands really well before reassembling the pump.

Thank you all 💖

I have several sets of bottles/valves and things so I can use when they are dry. I just keep them sealed until I need them

I don't at all assemble mine still wet..... 👀🫣🫠 I wash my hands before touching the parts.

I bought a sterilizer/dryer on Amazon for 27$! BEST purchase so far hands down. It has all different modes so you can do both or just one. You can do a sterilize/dry in under 30 minutes!!

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