Sleep.. or lack of!

My 4 week old goes to bed around 10.30pm/11pm and the first feed is around 1.30am. He feeds and goes back to sleep fine but the next feed at 3.30am, he is awake for hours!!! It’s like his longest awake time and I’ll feed again to try get him to sleep. This might be 5.30am or later and then I’m up at 6.30am with my toddler so don’t get back to sleep. I’m getting about 3 hours sleep in total at night if I’m lucky and I’m exhausted!! Can I do anything in the day to push that long awake time away from the middle of the night?
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Do you keep the room dark and quiet or white noise at night? I also don't do diaper changes or anything else at night, only nurse. Unless there is a blowout or something. Just keep it dark and boring

If my babe is burped and lying there awake or fussing, I run a warm bath, put him in for a few minutes then swaddle and off to sleep. So far it’s worked Everytime! The 15 mins to do this saves the hours of being awake!

Exactly the same with my 3 week old. 😰😰

My three week old is the same and then I am up with a 9 and 7 year old for school, I’m exhausted!

My 3 week old is also the same. Following this for help.

It’s crippling isn’t it. My 6 year old wasn’t like this, I don’t know what to do 😭

My 5 week is exactly the same schedule some nights he will sleep during that spread but it’s so sporadic usually when he’s slept less during the day. He won’t nap during the day longer than an hour and feeds are still 2hrs to 2.5 it’s exhausting for sure!

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