Post partum weight

Before I was pregnant I was 135 lbs, very skinny and tall. My first child is almost 3 months and I have a bigger belly than I thought I would ever have. I breastfed until just recently when my milk dried up, I have seen barely any change in my stomach since I got home from the hospital…is this normal? It seems like people talk about their weight loss increasing as time goes on. Also all social media just shows moms with babies younger than mine back to their pre-pregnancy weight. Is anyone experiencing this or any moms with previous pregnancies remember when the weight came off?
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I think Social Media is skewing your point of view. Instagram mom's don't represent all moms, and they definitly don't represent what's "normal." Don't beleive everything you see on the internet.

Are you doing any type of work outs or diets? I’m 10 weeks pp and breastfeeding and had to i corporate some dieting and exercise to lose some weight and ive only lost an additional 4 pounds since giving birth but i just started dieting and working out

I’m right there with you I was 135-8lbs before being pregnant and my little one is 2 months old and I’m still around 166-9lbs PP and my stomach hasn’t gone down to much. But I have been trying to incorporate working out while changing my diet. Also I feel like mixing turmeric in my juices, smoothies and such helped since it’s an anti-inflammatory. But I’ve heard it can take awhile for your body to heal. I know everyone’s experience is different.

You def have to put in the work for the weight and belly to come off. My husband is a personal trainer and I plan to start core training/breathing exercises the day I get home from the hospital. I've also been doing them throughout my pregnancy.

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