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hi I’m expecting baby in dec this year just wondering anyone has any must have apps for baby or pregnancy related for iPhone thankyou 💟
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Here are two I use a lot

I’m using the Bump and love it a lot. The other one that I heard is great for tracking the baby after it’s born is huckleberry


The bump!!! I love and breathe the bump!! It was my favorite thing while I was pregnant and now that my baby is 2 months old, it's STILL my favorite!!

I used Flo when I was pregnant. Now that the baby is here, I use baby tracker and moms on call. They’re kinda redundant but they both have features I like.

Wonder weeks is awesome for developmental leaps once baby gets here. Baby center is also a nice app

I downloaded FamilyAlbum. Haven’t really used it yet but I thought it might be helpful if I want to share photos of my baby to family without going through social media.

I used these: ‘Pregnancy +’ to track pregancy ‘Contraction timer’ for when I went into labor ‘Wonder weeks’ for developmental milestones ‘Baby tracker’ to track milk intake, sleep, and nappy changes

Freya is great for birth, used family album loads for photos and huckberry for tracking naps and feeds (my mind is mush since giving birth so otherwise I forget when he last ate etc)

i use what to expect for everything lol. it’s been my go to since my first son 😆

Baby center and what to expect r the best

These were my favorite apps after baby is born! The wonder weeks- gives an idea on milestones, and “leaps”, it has a place for notes as they grow, and gives good activities to work on skills for each leap. Huckleberry- feeding/diaper tracker. It’s good for both breastfed and formula fed but super helpful and convenient for remembering what side you fed/pumped last. Solid Starts- great for baby led weaning, but even if not it’s still helpful. You can look up foods and it will tell you safe ways to prepare it and minimize choking hazard. You can also track the foods your kiddo has tried and write notes. This one is most helpful when paid for but it’s super cheap, and WORTH it when it comes time to start having solids.💗💗

Freya surge timer was amazing for preparing mentally for labour and tracking contractions helping keep me focused. Huckleberry for all your tracking needs and Family album for sharing your photos with family without having them on social media

Family album and Huckleberry

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