My 1month old has refused to sleep in her bassinet I don’t know what to do I’ve had to hold her all day or she cries which has left me with only an hour of sleep
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This is how my first was. I have no tips, I’m sorry you’re in this situation. I hardly remember the newborn stage with her because she was so difficult.

I’m gonna start by saying I’ve always been an advocate against cosleeping, but my newborn disliked the bassinet always woke up as soon as I put her down. this caused me to fall asleep while rocking her and even breast-feeding which is really dangerous so for a few days I placed her on my chest reclined in a chair and slept. I decided to try again and here’s what’s worked for us so far. Place her in a onesie and then swaddle just her legs, I leave her arms out because that’s what she likes no hat or socks diaper change first then feed. I burp until two large burps and at least one fart then rock her in my arms while the noise maker plays nature sounds not music because music is stimulating. The room at 69° and the lamp stays on. once she’s been asleep for about 15 minutes I transfer her. I have a rocking bassinet that I manually have to move and she loves it. I start rocking her as soon as I put her down and slowly decrease until I stop all together.

I learned a trick from a video. When you place the baby when they are sleepy, after you late them down, place one hand on the torso and the other on the head and rub their head. It’s worked for me she knocks right back out.

My Son was the same, I slept On the couch all day every nap with him and would nap when he did. It was tough but I miss his cuddles now

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