Extreme migraines.

Haven’t went to my first appointment yet. I should be around 7 weeks. I went to the ER for these migraines. They just gave me Tylenol. They last all day. It’s very difficult bc I have a 14m old as well. Any remedies or anything. I’m desperate. This pain kills me. Also having lots of nausea on top of that.
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Try an elimination diet, it could be something you're eating that's triggering them. I used to get migraines that kept me in bed all day, but I completely eliminated caffeine and don't get them anymore.

I have experienced the same, also went to the ER at 6 weeks, they gave me reglan, benedryl and a steroid and it knocked out a 4 day migraine. I had one more rebound headache, but since have been really on top of my triggers and have been okay… reach out to your OB they may prescribe you the reglan which helps a little. Benedryl helps you sleep a little… feel better! I’ve been there and it’s absolutely awful

I’m about 8 weeks and also really struggling with daily migraines. It’s really wearing on me. I just had someone recommend taking beet root capsules, she said it really helped her headaches and is safe in pregnancy. I just got them today so can’t say if it will work or not but it’s something you could try!

I’m 7 weeks postpartum as well and this has been happening to me. I’ve been taking Tylenol and rubbing lavender oil on my temples

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