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Baby boy is 1 month and 3 days old today. This past week we have tried having him sleep in his crib in his own room as he was not sleeping well in his bassinet. At his one month appointment today, the pediatrician said to keep him in his bassinet until at least 6 months because of SIDS. I am conflicted if we should just keep him in his crib at night since he sleeps so well or if we should just switch back to the bassinet… our room is right next to his and I have the monitor next to me at all times too
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Is she saying he has to be in his bassinet or in your room? Because Maybe try putting the crib into your room?

I’d personally be too nervous to have my little sleep in a different room so small but honestly…not sure how I’d stop SIDS in a bassinet next to me vs a crib in a different room. I’d be sleeping either way. Unless there’s a different reasoning I’m not thinking of.

I don’t know for sure but the recommendation is to sleep in the same room as you for the first 6 months, crib or bassinet shouldn’t make a difference. The idea is SIDS is possibly caused by babies going too deep into a sleep and not being able to wake back up. So by being in the same room, they are awoken periodically by random sounds like snoring or shuffling blankets. As long as they are on their back on an approved sleep surface, it shouldn’t make a difference

@Autumn she just wants him in our room no matter what. The bassinet barely fits in our room now so the crib definitely would not fit 😔

I was wondering the same thing. My son is almost 3 weeks and takes his long afternoon nap in his bassinet that’s in my room, but I’ll be elsewhere in the house getting things done and keeping an eye on the monitor. How is that different than having him sleep in his crib at night?

@Jess that’s what I was thinking too! I want to do what is best for him but it’s hard when the professional recommendation is one thing and he seems to do better with the other 😩

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