I just pump just now and in my left boob I pump out 2 ounces and my right boob I pump another 2 ounces Is that okay for a newborn He’s not 1 month yet ( had him July 4th)
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You probably have more than you need. Freeze it and start with 2oz per feed. Thats probably all you’ll need for the first 3-4 weeks.

How come you're pumping this early on? Are you feeding directly too? Did you pump after a feed?

@Deeana thank you , I do have milk that I froze already

@Aimee well because this is my third child I didn’t know if he would latch so I started him off with formula than when my milk came I just switched to breast The doctor said it was fine though if I stated off with formula but now that I have my milk coming in I give him breast milk

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