Feeling frustrated with your baby?

Hi all! I feel so guilty even writing this and like I am a terrible mum. My baby is sooo clingy at the minute and I’m finding myself feeling frustrated with her when I am trying to get basic jobs done but am unable to because I need to tend to her. I know it isn’t her fault and it’s just a phase, but I’m quite overwhelmed with how much there is to do and juggling looking after her, tidying, cleaning etc. am I a bad mother for feeling like this at times towards my baby? I never regret having her she is my whole world and I have never shouted at her or harmed her, but having these internal feelings makes me feel awful.
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NO, YOU'RE NOT A BAD MOTHER! It's natural to feel this way, we have so much on our shoulders, we have to keep a tiny human alive, and also help them develop. At the same time we have to do the house chores. But think of it this way, the laundry will always be there, dishes to do, cleaning the house but these moments of clingines, needing her mommy as she needs her now will pass. They grow so fast and you'll find yourself thinking that you've not spent enough time. I try and do house chores, whenever my son is sleeping but sometimes I chose not to. I'm the clingy one🤣 My son is already 6 months and I don't even know where time has gone. This app is a safe place and I'm sure every mom here feels like you or had felt the same at some point

You’re not a bad mother- we all have days and phases like this when you could yeet the baby out the window lol we are sleep deprived and burnt out- its hard to pour from your cup when its empty!!! I find it hard because any breaks I get Im running to clean up etc so you dont actually get a true break. I do what I can when she is playing (5-10 mins max lol) and then hand baby over to my husband for late afternoon nap and bath and I tidy up while listening to a podcast or something so it feels like me time 🫠

It sounds like maybe having a few hours for you may not be the worst idea. You are not a bad mum sometimes you need more than 5 minutes.. :)

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