Sorry to message so early. My LB is 6 months today and he is now on 8 ounces. Is anyone else's child on 8 ounces at 6 months or just mine? Also what is the best foods to start him on first?
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Mines 7 months in 1.5 weeks and he's just over 4oz still and we feed him solids I between too. I don't think he'll up to the bigger bottles even tho I already bought them lol when I compare to my niece who's 3 months older, I don't think he drinks enough milk but 🤷‍♀️ can't force him to have more. He's satisfied after the 2 scoops of formula most of the time.

Mine has up to 340ml per bottle, whatever that is in oz at 7 months. Morning bottle, 2 meals of solids with a formula top up, and an evening bottle. Usually drinks about a litre of formula a day. As for good first foods we started with rice cereal at just under 4 months (with drs permission), and slowly introduced new flavours and textures as he did well with previous ones. Kid eats like a champ now.

Never to early hun😊 We're 6 months as well and we're between 7-8 oz, every 2-3h We just started weaning and we're taking baby steps.

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