I really think I'm going through PPD but not sure how to deal with it, I have no support system,no help with baby , she won't take a bottle won't take a pacifier and it's becoming really frustrating, my mood is all over the place.
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I wish i was there to help you but im in Dallas, please let your Dr know you think you are going through ppd and see if they have some resources they can def help you. I kno how it feels to not have a support system if your baby is fed changed and there is nothing wrong and u need to step away for a minute for a peace of mind as long as she is in a safe place then that’s okay. I’m praying for you love 🙏🏽🩷

are you in katy?

@Kirsten they want me to call too many numbers and stay on hold for so long that I gave up on that also

@Keyana Holiday no I'm at West Chase

Has she she stopped crying ? How are you feeling today ?

@Kirsten she doesn't really cry,it's just never getting a break that kills me I'm doing a little better today

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