How do you know if ex is taking you to court?

Like do you receive a letter in the mail box? Or does a person deliver papers to your door? Lol I'm just curious of what to even look out for or expect. Ex is soon planning on taking me to court and I don't know how it works. And does court add him to birth certificate? Or is that not part of a court thing?
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You will get served by the police

You can be “served “by anyone really. Atleast here in Cali. He can have one of his friends do it if he wanted too lol

It depends on the state. Sometimes the police will serve you sometimes I can be through the mail.

Not sure how the states work, but in Ontario Canada, you have to have proof of you getting served or have the papers handed to you in person. Usually the lawyer asks for a signature upon receiving the papers.

Depends on the state. Here you get served by a sheriff.

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