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When should I tell my boss? I'm a server full time
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Congrats! Different folks tell employers at different times. It's common to wait until at least after your first ultrasound. Some folks tell their boss if they've got bad morning sickness. Me, I'm 17 weeks and haven't told work yet. It's a very personal decision

I didn’t tell work til 16 weeks.., up to you really. Congrats!

Congratulations... Upto you.

I told my bosses right away because I worked at a family owned and they were all really close. I also was a bartender so I couldn’t really throw kegs around any more. But I’m 6 months pp and still not back to work and they still invite me to all the staff parties and stuff. I didn’t tell the rest v if my co workers till second trimester but I thought it might effect my performance so that’s why I told. Plus I knew they’d be really happy for me. It depends on your relationship with boss and if it will effect your work.

16 weeks is a good time. I wouldn’t before 12 weeks unless you have symptoms that’s keeping you from working

Congratulations 🥳 The reason you’d want to tell is if you need reasonable adjustments. Otherwise, you don’t need to tell until almost end of 2nd trimester.

Whenever you want to or need changes to your job.

If your symptoms are bad then I'd tell them right away. Then they can give you grace. I found in the first trimester even if I didn't have nausea I would get real hungry most of the time and light headed if I was pushing myself too much. So keep an eye out for yourself, eat filling foods (search what types of foods to eat to help achieve this during pregnancy) cause you can eat and eat and eat and if you aren't eating the right foods you will still feel empty. 😅 Drink lots of water and make sure to take prenatal vitamins. Iron especially as your iron levels will start to drop.

I waited until I started showing so somewhere in my 2nd trimester.

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