High blood pressure readings at home RANT

So my last pregnancy last year I was diagnosed with hypertension later in pregnancy so this pregnancy with my second daughter I’ve been trying to keep a eye on it. It runs high at home all of the time and I triple check and the numbers are always close to each other so I know it’s reading it right and I mention it to my midwives all the time but they don’t seem to care at all because I didn’t get the reading in clinic. I’ve always only gotten elevated readings there but I always check my blood pressure at home throughout the day and usually it’s high. They act like it’s no big deal and only because I didn’t get it while at the clinic at my appointments. I don’t know what to do. I always check it when I feel off like I did tonight. My feet are swelling and my feet n toes burn, I can barely breathe properly, having hot flashes and I just don’t know what to do. Everytime I mention it, they don’t seem to care!!!! I currently don’t have a vehicle and my transportation is either Ubers or the public bus which runs 5:55am to 9:24pm Monday/Friday and I don’t have a ton of money to just go ubering around. If I go to the hospital I want them to take me serious but they never do! This is a blood pressure reading I took less then a hour ago and I’m still feeling miserable! Like what can I say to make them take me serious because I was induced my last pregnancy because of hypertension towards the end of my pregnancy and I’m currently 38w2days and I’m suppose to be induced on Monday when I’m 39w but that’s elective and they said if they are busy they will push it back. And I can’t have them doing that I seriously am concerned that I’ve been getting these readings and they just brush it off like it’s nothing!!
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Could you phone your midwife and ask if they can do you a blood pressure reading at the clinic due to feeling off. Or go to your local pharmacy and ask them to do one, if they are concerned they can refer you to urgent care x

My blood pressure monitor at home always seems to read higher than when I’m at an appointment to, I also brought this up after getting readings over 147 over 98 consistently but after there clinic monitors always seem to read my blood pressure at the correct level there not concerned, I think if it was consistently raised (in a clinic setting) then they would do more

@Rheo they would let me come into clinic but they always send me home because it’s only elevated by the time they see me. Last time it took them a hour to see me and that gave it time to try and go down some so they didn’t really care. I don’t wanna go to the hospital just for them to send me home since I have limited transportation

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