Never ending sleep regression

I’ve been in the regression for 8 weeks now and nothing is getting better. I’m following all the tips to try help but I’m starting to feel like this will never change. Has anyone else had a very long regression and seen the other side? Some night she will wake every 45 mins crying. Other she’s might sleep for a long patch but wake early crying. If anything I feel she is getting worse! I’m so sleep deprived it’s really affecting everything else. Any tips would be so helpful as I’m starting to feel I’m missing something here!!!
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This is us 8 weeks in also This is an example of last night 🤪 10th July bedtime 7:00 PM - Asleep in arms 7:45 PM - Unsuccessful transfer to cot 8:00 PM - Transferred to cot 8:30 PM - Awake 8:45PM - Asleep 9:30PM Awake 9:45 PM - Asleep in Purflo 11:50 PM - Awake 12:00 AM - back down but woke straight up 12:15 AM - Asleep 1:00 AM - Awake (L&R BF) & nappy 2:00AM - Back down 3:40 AM - Awake 3:50 AM - Asleep 4:25 AM - Awake 4:30 AM - Asleep 5:00 AM - Awake 5:15 AM - Asleep 5:20 AM - Awake 6:00 AM - up for the day

Sorry to hear your also struggling. Are you picking your baby up when they wake to get back down. We were doing well on self settling and again it seems to go backward and she won’t go back unless we pick her up and rock her! It’s so frustrating putting so much work in and going backward not forward! I can’t see how this ends!

Yeah everytime we need to pick up to cuddle. He's breastfed and so relies on us so much just for comfort. Has never self settled which I believe is completley normal for breastfed babies but sometimes difficult to function the next day with all the wake ups 🤪 he slept so well before the regression. It'll phase out one day I'm sure just got to keep riding it for now xx

We’re dealing with this too, it seems to have got worse in the last couple of weeks. I’ve started bringing him into bed with me after his first wake and then co sleeping for the rest of the night. If you can set it up safely and follow the guidelines I’ve found it much easier as he can just find the boob or cuddle up to me and then he settles back down - rather than having to keep getting him in and out of the next to me. I’m still putting him in the next to me at the start of the night so he knows he’s meant to sleep in there! Hoping we can ride it out and it will be over soon

I followed safe sleep guidelines and co-slept. We both got sleep and it meant we focussed on what was going right rather than what was going wrong.

Ours also took 8+ weeks! I found it got worse before it got better, keep strong, it will soon pass xx

@Amy when you say 8 plus what's the plus 😂 we're on week 8 😆

Yes would love to know how much longer you mean as I’m losing my mind here! I really thought I was coming out of it but it’s got so much worse! Self settling was going really well but now she’s screaming for ages before I have to get her out again as she can’t calm herself!

@Roo ours was about 9.5 weeks, at the time I didn’t realise it was the regression because she was 3 months old but it happens at different stages for different babies. Hope it’s not too long for you girls. It really does feel like it never ends but it does xx

@Amy thank you! ❤️xx

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