vitamin d

do partially formula fed babies need to take vitamin d?? i was reading that if they take less than like 32 ounces or something like that a day they need to take 400iu of vitamin d but 400iu is the recommended dosage and it says don’t do more than that. but formula has some vitamin d in it? mine shows 60 per bottle and he gets 3-4 bottles a day so it’s not enough but am i still supposed to give him the 400? it’s really confusing me and i don’t wanna give him too much or too little!
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Look & see hm vitamin D is in the formula & subtract that from 400IU. Then you only need the difference in a supplement. Sometimes formula already has 400 international units in it so it’s fine & doesn’t need more. I think we still supplemented some but not all 400 units once I weaned off breastmilk.

@Marie the only thing is one drop of the vitamin d is a full 400 so idk if i should give it to him bc there’s not really a way to give him less of it. he gets 180-240 a day with the formula

@Emily so every 2 days it sounds like a drop of vitamin D would be fine. Not every day then

Take him on walks and get him outside and you shouldn’t have to supplement! Just use sun screen😊

@Kaya Smith i would love to do that just he’s only 2 months so they don’t recommend sunscreen and we live in an area where the sun is really strong. i try to get him out later in the day when uv rays aren’t as high but i feel he’s not getting enough still for that reason if that even matters

when in doubt, ask your doctor!

@Kennedy he doesn’t currently have a doctor because the soonest appointment isn’t til mid august and my husband is military so our insurance really limits where he can be seen and now we’re in the middle of a move across the country so it’s gonna be another month before i can get him seen unfortunately

@Kaya Smith thank you!

No :), since you’re combo feeding baby wouldn’t require any additional vitamin D, only if baby is strictly using breast milk.

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