pain in my kidneys

so about a month ago i got admitted into the er for a severe kidney and bladder infection and when i was released they had me on 2 weeks of antibiotics and pain meds to take as needed and after the antibiotics the pain went away but is now back today. i do want to say that i vape not sure if that can cause it and had an appointment yesterday and everything was fine. but im just wondering if theres anything i can do for the pain at home so i dont have to go back onto antibiotics. also im 21 weeks and 4 days.
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what’s your main doctor saying to do?

@Christine i see a midwife and the last time i brought it up she ran my pee for a kidney or bladder infection and told me i had nothing to worry about that it was probably growing pains but i would put the pains i felt lat time at a 8.5-9 and these ones at a 5-6 out of 10

you need to see an md- urgent care then follow up with your pcp

I had bad kidney stones in my right side abt a week ago. It was so bad I couldn’t move at all. I went to the er and they gave me Tylenol and told me if it got worse to go back so the next day it was way worse I tried taking Tylenol at home and it didn’t help so I went back. Well my ob put me on a week of hydrocodone and that helped.

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