I thought I skipped the sleep regression stage..... 🫠😫

My little one didn't go through sleep regression at all but has now decided at 6 months 1 week of age that he must wake every 2 hours in the night!!! He has slept through since forever, 8 pm to 8 am. I feel like I need matchsticks to hold my eyes open 🤣🤣 I'm hoping it doesn't last too long. I need sleep!
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Mine wakes up every hour on average, since month 3. Still regressing at month 6 😏

My sons been like this since birth no matter what we do. I don't feel human anymore 🫠😅 fingers crossed they figure it out ASAP lol

Mine is the same!!! He’s never slept through but could always settle him quick and he’d sleep for 4-5 hours but now he wakes every 2 screaming 😅

We hit a bump with sleep recently, it lasted about 2 weeks almost. Could teething be the culprit?

@Sarah yes he is teething quite badly actually. This could also be contributing 😫 x

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