Kids at weddings

Have you been to a wedding with kids or had s wedding with kids if so what kind of things were there to entertain then? (I don't care for comments saying kids don't belong at weddings) thank you x
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Bouncy castle, lawn games (giant jenga, snakes & ladders etc), children’s entertainer like mini disco or magician if there’s a lot of kids. Depending on your venue you could have a Nintendo switch set up, loads of interactive games on there x

We did each of the kids an activity pack that we put on the tables to keep them occupied during the speeches. Then we had a huge walk on game of snakes and ladders, a big connect 4 and maybe something else outside I can’t remember now. We started the disco with a few Disney songs too so the kids got to have the dance floor for a bit.

We had activity packs for the meal, ice cream van before the service, lawn games (connect 4, giant jenga and space hoppers) we had a magician (after the service) candy floss and popcorn and an artist too (evening) . We had lots of kids at our wedding and honestly they made the day! X

My brothers wedding they ran about at the night time dancing it was lovely. Bubbles are good. For the meal they had a bit set up foe kids a teepee with toys in and a colouring in area it was so lush mine was in it all day came out to eat. They had the singing waiters who danced with them he loved it was nearly 3 at the time also had a donut stand and crisp stand that helped lol x

We brought some garden games and borrowed a step 2 rollercoaster from my sister which kids of all ages enjoyed. The thing they loved the most was a foam football, we were lucky as had the room and the weather for them to play with it. We also did a little snack bag with some Pom bears, packet of party rings, a bottle of water, colouring and some bubbles. Snacks went down well as weddings often have food at different times to what the kids normally eat at Been to weddings though and nothing was thought of for the kids but that was fine also as I always had a few activities to pull out my bag if the kids need them as its a long day and lots of parents are the same and have thought of this.

Thank you all for your suggestions! I've got giant snakes and ladders and limbo. We're doing a kids disco too between the meal and the evening turnaround. I'll probably add in a few of the suggestions you've give too. Made me reslly happy some of you said they made the day. I know its my wedding but it's just not something I'm overly fussed on. If I can get 1 nice pic of me and my husband to be then great. I hope i the rest of the pics they have happy children running around in the back 😄x

Lawn games, wedding themed colouring and non messy craft for the table, stickers, and we went to one wedding f that had a “quiet zone” with some books and beanbags in which was cute.

I gave people the option at mine and most people chose not to bring them. I didn’t have anything special there to entertain them but the venue did have a tree swing and trampoline which the older ones loved! I even had a 4 week old baby in the ceremony

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