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Hey! I have a 19 month old little boy that has just been referred for diagnosis and is very very sensory seeking. I am struggling in how to play with him. He used to sit and play with his toys, but now a lot of them he isn’t interested in or will play for 2 minutes and get frustrated. He enjoys cause and effect toys and sensory play, but at home I struggle with the sensory play as I’m petrified of it getting in my carpets as we rent. What toys do your little ones enjoy? How do you play with them? I really miss playing with him how we used to and I just am not sure what he is interested in anymore!
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My 2 and a half year old plays on his own and will only play with 1-2 toys that’s it. If I go over to try and play with him he will drop the toy and go be alone again as that’s what he prefers. He’s autistic

My son is 22 months and never really played with toys he just loves running😅 literally runs all day everyday! I went on Amazon and got a sensory book and sensory cube and he loves them but will play for a couple minutes then gets bored and runs off And comes back to it later.. we also have stickle bricks for him and he loves them also x

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