Vaccination for babies.

Hello ladies what’s your thoughts about Vitamin K and other vaccines given to babies. I am so torn between the pros and cons. I don’t want my baby to unnecessarily have medicines but also scared at the same time. Do you know of kids or adults who never had any shots are doing well?!!
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You can have vitamin K as oral - but I would advise having it for your baby. There is an increase in some of the illnesses that we vaccinate for (such as measles and pertussis/whooping cough) and they can be really dangerous for babies as well as for people with low immune systems. So vaccinations aren’t just for the baby who is having them but to also support wider community.

I personally will be making sure my baby has all the vaccinations on offer to him. He had vitamin k at birth

My LB got his vitamin k at birth and I plan for him to have all vaccinations. Id rather my little boy is safe and protected as much as I can.

the vaccinations are for our children there important to get them done, they are safe, it will only cause a little sting baby will be fine x

Speak to your GP/midwife/health visitor about your concerns. As Hannah said though, the illnesses we vaccinate against are on the rise and can be really dangerous for both children and adults. I don’t know anyone who isn’t vaccinated but I know that my mother in law’s former boss suffered from permanent hearing loss in both ears following childhood measles (she had the illness before vaccines were available)

Vitamin K isn't a vaccine it helps your blood clot and prevents catastrophic bleeding in babies. We don't give babies vaccines and medicines unnecessarily. We do it because it protects them from harm, if everyone vaccinated their children and we could eradicate these diseases we would stop vaccinating the same way they stopped vaccinating against small pox because it was eradicated. You're asking if anyone knows people who are doing well without their vaccines. It's like asking if you know anyone who didn't wear a seatbelt in a car all their lives and are ok. They're okay because the car didn't crash. You should be asking about the people who have died or are permanently injured from their vaccine preventable illness. Needless to say my kids and I will have all their immunisations.

My little boy has had all his vaccinations and will continue to have his vaccinations. I would much rather him be disabled/autistic than dead. The autism thing has also been proven to be fake. Also, the fact that measles was practically eradicated in the UK and is now at one of its highest rates again because people aren't vaccinating their children is ridiculous. I don't think people understand that having measles is so so so much more dangerous than having the vaccine 🤦 please vaccinate your children, it really is for the best, 5 minutes of crying and they're fine.

Thinking about this some more - if you are looking at pros and cons, please look at the diseases that are being vaccinated against to understand a bit more about them. I don’t want to be accused of scaremongering or anything, but I’m happy to chat privately if you’d like to.

I will be vaccinating my baby it's better to vaccinate to prevent all kind of diseases than not to vaccinate and potentially you baby catching something and die. I had all vaccinations when I was baby and I'm completely fine

I’m the same not knowing g what to give my baby 😬 Only because me myself, I have only ever had 1 vaccine as a baby which was the MMR one. (That was just because my mum panicked) I’ve never had any more or any boosters after that and I’m perfectly fine. But I’m going to research more about them for baby as I’m just not sure and don’t want to cause him harm but equally don’t want to decide against them and him get poorly because of that 🥴 As for vitamin K I will be allowing him to have that but I haven’t decided on the vaccines yet

@Leanne do speak to your health visitor and GP about any concerns you have 😊 As been suggested above, don’t just read about the vaccines but also the diseases they protect against.

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