Ughhh have i don’t a mistake?

Long story short my husband and I almost broke up because he’s always fighting with me and keeps threatening to divorce me whenever we fight. I left cuz he keep saying that and he begged me to come back home cause he said he didn’t mean it 4 weeks ago I returned home as we decided to work things out and every since it’s been great. Today he comes home and starts to pick a fight with me over dinner and as i’m leaving to work(i work nights) as im grabbing something from my closet he’s like why didn’t you throw the garbage I replied why didn’t you throw up the trash and then he says something and again says if you don’t change i’ll divorce you. I’ve tried speaking to him and he knows that him saying that will trigger me what should I do?!?
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If he thinks a divorce is the solution then do that! If you’re able to live without his financial support then go ahead! You already work, and cook and clean. Not sure if you have children but if you do then boy you don’t have free time whatsoever and if he doesn’t see how amazing you are, then he’s not worth it. At least leave him temporarily without telling him to allow him to see what it’s like without you for a long time. Men nowadays they always think they can do better 😂 idk who the hell made them that delusional

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