Tryna start back up

So I quit smoking in February, I was 6 months pregnant and so I just decided to stop at the end but I want to start again. I’m not sure how I’ll handle starting again which makes me nervous since I’m a single mom and I want to be able to still care for him properly while enjoying myself. What do yall think?
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I think there's a time and place for everything but being under the influence infront of your kids is not it. I believe babies deserve to have their mothers fully present.. if you're that desperate to start off maybe get child care for them during those times.

Depends on the time, place and strain.

@Emily McHenry @Mayte definitely don’t want to do it around him still trying to figure out if it’s even worth starting up again

That is valid.

For sure been there thankfully I haven't had the need for it since before my first baby. Theres just no time for me to even think about that lol Goodluck on your journey ✨️ 💛

I would say go ahead and roll up or pack a bowl and just take a hit or two and wait to see how you feel. My tolerance was really low after pregnancy, and I had the nerve to roll a whole joint 🫠 probably made it not even 1/4 through before I had to put it out lol Just be sure to wash your hands and change shirts after and if you’re breastfeeding be sure to wait at least an hour before feeding again. I think it’s worth it, it’s plant medicine and it’s definitely helped me be more relaxed so I’m able to be more present with my toddler.

If smoking resulted in hindering my life, I wouldn't smoke at all.

First off don’t feel judged at all because we’re all different so don’t allow anyone to make you feel like you’ve got an addiction etc. secondly, I used to smoke with the slightest bit of tobacco added in which I stopped the minute I found out I was pregnant. Afterwards when it came to returning I tried just smoking it straight instead and I found that I actually started to smoke less and less so instead of having a full joint I’d light it and only take about 3 draws and wouldn’t feel the need to have anymore until I felt like it which most of the time was the next day. One thing I will say it’s easier to do it during nap time/after bedtime and as some one pointed out just change your clothes after. It’s definitely easy not to do it around little one like that, my little mans 6 and never seen me smoke as it’s something I don’t put around him but id definitely say try it straight and don’t feel judged by anyone if you feel you need it, fit it in where you can girl ♥️

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