baby staying on just one side

okay so I just turned 36 weeks today & im a first time mama , my baby boy has been on my right side almost my entire pregnancy .. in the begging I was like he prob just likes this side & he’s comfortable but the longer it has gotten the more concerned I’ve been that he hasn’t moved over to the left really and moves normally & things like that but not on the left side bc yk hes never on that side like does he not have room to move to the left .. like has anyone dealt with this or is dealing with this bc I just feel it’s not really normal I’m just not sure and I’m very worrisome & I go to the doctor next week so I will see wat they say as well!
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Show your support i think it’s completely normal 👍🏻 but def don’t forget to talk to dr

Yea I spoke to my midwife about this on Tuesday and she said they usually pick a side and stay there pretty much until they are born as long as he’s still kicking you’re fine my baby boy was a mover in the beginning he would be all over making it hard to find him sometimes but now he’s always on my left side sometimes I feel him shift over to the right but not much any more unless I’m laying down. Like I can feel the empty space on my right side it’s so weird

I saw my nurse midwife today (36 weeks tomorrow) she said by now the baby has pretty much found their spot they are most comfortable in and likely won’t move. She felt for my girls head and she felt a little round head in my pelvis. I was concerned a bit tho cause it feels like her butt is on my right side and always pressing out lol.

My baby girl has been on the right side the entire time. I just had my 33 week apt and OB confirmed her head is down and her butt is probably what I’m feeling on my right side. I do feel little kicks or hands sometimes toward my left side but the majority of the weight is on my right. Makes sense though because I always find myself sleeping more on my right side.

Same. Right side. He’ll move throughout the day but always ends up back on the right, with his head pushing in the SAME SPOT on the right. It feels like he’s gonna burrow out of my skin cuz he’s there so often…

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