Are these tests positive?

8 days post 5 day transfer (IVF) Picture taken around 6 minutes after I peed in a pot and dipped the sticks Yesterday’s test in comments
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I would definitely say yes! Congratulations! 🎉

Absolutely 💯 congratulations 🎊

I feel like clearblue is obviously a yes but the others a bit more meh. And I thought FRER was meant to be the most reliable

Yes xxx

Congrats. When is your original test date? I tested on day 13 and got a very strong bfp. If you got a few days yet to test it should get darker

Yes x

Congratulations they are definitely there 🩷xx

@💙Amy💙 should have been Sunday so yeah I’m a few days early

@💙Amy💙 day 13 after transfer?

i’ve read a lot of things saying that for some reason sometimes frer or clear blue works better for certain people. Now if that’s fully true i’m not sure. I had a friend who was i think like 6 months pregnant who took tests with us so she wouldnt feel left out and it was vvvf and she went and bought clear blue and it was dark as could be

Yeah well 12 days after transfer. I transferred in oct 1 and got bfp on oct 13th. I used a sainsburys test and it came straight away. 🤞🤞 for you it gets darker but it’s still a positive.

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