HELP!!! Sex Drive

Hi ladies Im having problems with a decrease in my sex drive when my husband ready to have sex I NEVER be in the mood I don’t know what it could be but is there any kind of medication I can take to help boost my sex drive?
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Who does all the work at home? Are you responsible for the vast majority of the parenting and the mental load? What about chores and cooking? If so then it's likely tiredness for a strat

Yeah… I actually prefer to not have sex anymore. I get that I’m pregnant now, but we sorta fell off before hand. Anyway, I have sex with him even when I’m not in the mood. Just use lube. If I don’t start off in the mood, which is basically always when he’s ready, I get there because sex is fun. But the start sucks!!

Same here. I get very tired throughout the day plus im breastfeeding and so i just prefer to sleep at night😅

😩ladies don’t you just hate that

Same girl same. 😭

@Kelly send this to my baby dad because he’s struggling to understand this 😂

Pls tell include my children’s dad as well😂

@Natalie there's a really helpful group on Facebook called "bridging the gap"

There's no harm in getting bloods done to check hormones, I started going through peri menopause at 41. But most likely tiredness & mental load

I was going through the same thing and talked to my OB. They did a bunch of blood tests and my hormone levels and blood levels were all out of normal ranges contributing to my low drive and constant tiredness. I started supplements and a low dose hormone therapy and it made a HUGE difference. Life in general has improved vastly. Not as tired all the time, mood overall improved, more productive with my days and sex drive improved as well! All this to say, it might be worth talking to a professional. It made a difference in more than just my sex drive in the end.

Are you breastfeeding? It affects a lot sex drive. If you had a baby less than 2 years ago, hormonal balance can take around 2 years for some people. It's annoying but not abnormal.. If you're tired, you so a lot at home, don't have enough support and enough time to take care of yourself etc. It can also affect you. If you can, try: - exercise, even walking, without kids - sleep - get a massage - take a bath - eat healthy, a balanced diet - very long foreplay - cuddles - use lubricant

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