How is everyone washing bottles

Do I need to buy a collapsable bucket, washing up liquid and a sponge Or do I just use washing up liquid and a sponge in the hotel rooms sink 🥴 Also do they sell the usual ‘full fat cows milk’ in Spain and will it be safe to use? When using there bottled water for my toddler do I need to boil it or can she just drink the same bottled water as us? For reference she’ll be 18 months when we go and I feel like a new mum again and haven’t got a clue😂😂 Any help or tips would be amazing 🥹❤️
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Hey hun I highly recommend using the Milton sterilising liquid for all you’re baby bottles to clean them, never use washing up liquid as the residue can stay in the bottles for some time even after drying, also I’d recommend using a baby bottle cleaner over using a sponge to clean the bottles as sponges tend to harbour even the slightest bit of bacteria, it’s fine for us adults and kids with a strong immune system but I’d avoid it for babies & id definitely recommend cleaning the bottles only in a collapsible bucket with the Milton and hot water

Also Spain tend to sell normal milk which is equivalent to the blue cap here in the uk ♥️

Bottled water is also fine for a toddler just avoid her drinking any tap water over there

Your amazing thank you so so much!! 🥰🥰

I cleaned out the sand castle bucket with hot water and washing liquid, scrubbed the bottles with hot water and liquid with the bottle brush then used cold water and a Tesco sterilising tablet for the bottles in the bucket. Spain has great milk and there are plenty of very cheap bottled water options that are low sodium.

Haha that’s a brilliant idea with the sandcastle bucket😂 make do with what you’ve got! Thank you😊😊

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