Clingy baby rant 🙃

My daughter is 20 months and is so damn clingy. I thought when I stopped breastfeeding, it would make things easier, but it made it so much worse. I used to be able to leave her with at least my mom, and she'd be perfectly fine. Now, she cries the entire time. Me and her dad are together, live in the same house, she seeing him every single day, runs to the door excited to see him when he's off of work, but she will not leave the house with him when he's trying to give me a break. We just went on a trip with his family, been home for about 24hrs. We went to Universal Studios, and since she loves his family, especially the kids, I thought I'd get a bit of a break. She cut up so bad in child swap with my husband's dad and stepmom and I was only gone long enough to get on the rides, so never longer than 10 minutes at a time. We thought leaving her in the house with the kids and his aunt, we'd get to have date night. We didn't 🙃 She started crying before we made it out of the subdivision. We felt bad for everyone else's sanity and went back. Then I know everyone else was just trying to help by trying to take her away from me, she's the baby, everyone was happy to take her. But that only pissed her off and made her more clingy, which only drove me more crazy. Florida in July is hot and humid as hell. We spent all that money on a wagon for her to be comfortable, and she just wanted me to hold her a good 50% of the time. Now we're back home and she's a lot more comfortable, but has been climbing on me all day, and just cries when I can't hold her when she wants me to. My husband can only help out so much bc she won't really let him. So I'm just always so tired and overstimulated 🫠
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My baby was the same way after a while of not getting anything done around the house i started to just not pick her up. I have little toy sections everywhere, little kitchen by my kitchen, cubby of toys in the living room and bath crayons in the bathroom. She would cry for maybe five minutes and then get bored and play with her toys. Shes still tries to get me to hold her all damn day but i just remind her that mommy has to cook breakfast or mommy has to clean the dishes or even just mommy’s back really hurts rn and ill pick you up soon, obviously she doesn’t fully understand but she’ll let me do my thing for a short time lol (usually with her right behind me the whole time). We live far away from family so we only drop her off once in a while but when we do i always use to wait until she’s playing and comfortable to sneak off. She used to cry a ton but her grandma didn’t mind at all which made me comfortable with leaving. We need breaks, i dont think she’ll cry the whole time your

Gone she’ll busy herself with something eventually. Idk if this helped i just thought id share my clingy baby experience 😂

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