How do you fill your days?

How are you all filling your days with your little ones? I was doing baby splash and baby sensory between 3-5 months, now she’s 6 months I’m keen to explore other options! I usually go out every day, walks with the doggo and take the three of us out for coffee and sometimes brekky, and occasionally I go to nursery rhyme time at the library and catch up with my mum group… otherwise we’re just at home going between play mat, kick and play and some short stints in the bouncer as she just wants to be on her tummy 😂 but I’m keen to hear what everyone else does.
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I started back at the gym a few months ago so I take my daughter to creche and then shopping afterwards because my gym is close to the city centre. On off days, we do a long walk to get a coffee. Afternoons are pretty much a write off because my baby is a crap-napper so she contact naps with me. She does splash start and she's about to start daycare once a week. I don't go out of my way to do a heap of baby activities because they're mostly on in the morning and align badly with her wake windows. I'm also a massive hater so I don't do mothers groups 🤣 when she drops a nap and can stay happily awake for a rhyme time or playgroup in the morning then I'll take her along but for right now it's a bit of a struggle

Sounds very much like our days ! Can get repetitive… trying to mix it up with visiting different friends each week too.

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