Sleep times

What time are you 17 month old waking for the day, napping and going to bed?
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6:30/7 wake up 11/11:30 nap (1.5-2.5 hours) 6:30/7 bedtime We’ve only recently dropped to one nap so I guess as she gets older it’ll maybe go later in the day? Not sure!

6/7 wake up 1130/1230 nap 1.5 -2 hours Bedtime 6.30 xx

7 wake up 1130/1200 nap for 1-2.5h 1930 - Bedtime

My little girl Athena she wakes up at half 4 5 or half 5 in morning nap around 2-3 in afternoon depends if she does tho and goes to bed at 20 or half 9 at night xxx

As most of the others above, wake up 6.30-7, nap 11am for 1.5-2 hours, bedtime 7 x

Wake - 6.30-7am Nap - 12.30 for 1.5-2hrs Asleep - 7.30pm

How are you getting them sleep earlier than 8?! Mine often wont go to bed until 9:30/10pm not for lack of trying😭

Her bedtime has been 6:30/7 for as long as i can remember so just routine I guess? I think some babies defo need longer wake windows than others though! My little girl is very very energetic but tires quickly, so if she’s awake longer than 6ish hours she gets very overtired and grumpy x

6:30 wake-up Nap typically about 12:15-2pm Bedtime around 8pm I think some just have different sleep needs than others at this point! Our bedtime with the time change was pushed back from 7 to 7:30 now to 8. If them going to bed later has them sleeping through I’d take it as it sounds like a lot of people still have night wake ups!

How much sleep are yours getting in 24 hours? X Could it be too much daytime sleep? X

@Allie doesn’t even sleep through, never has😫

@CeriThe same as everyone else has commented, I thought the same that’s why I asked but mine seems the minority😫 Wake 7 Nap 12:30-2 Bedtime basically 10pm not from choice!

I would probably try making the nap earlier, maybe the last wake window isn’t long enough? X

I take her up at 8/8:30 and she just doesn’t sleep, she acts like overtired you know when they go abit crazy, she’ll be falling asleep then suddenly bolt up and then I know she’s up for another 3 hours running around then she cries

@Ceri she fights going to sleep for her nap too like she’s not tired enough for it though so I’m not sure it could be earlier

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Hmm sounds like the case of being over tired 😵‍💫 so hard, my boy was like this for ages! I felt like I was always missing his sleepy cues! I would still try an earlier nap, you might catch her at the right time so she doesn’t fight it? 🤷🏻‍♀️ sorry that’s all I can think! X

7-8ish wakes up Nap around 11 but depends if he goes to baby group because that's until 11 then we obviously need to get home. Sometimes he has a second nap if he needs it but it's not all the time Then bed around half 7-8

My son has around a 6:30-7 wake up, 10:30 -12/12:30 nap time and then goes down between 7-7:30. I’d definitely try to have an earlier nap and see if that helps, my son can function on 7 hour wake windows and even if he is a bit grouchy for the last hour we find it helps him sleep through the night which he’s only started to do the last few weeks 🥹

@Ceri she gives absolutely no sleep cues it’s so difficult I’ve always just relied on wake windows but I’m so lost now

So we went to the park for literally like 2hrs this morning and she walked home in hopes it’d tire her out, wellllll it worked because she’s just fallen asleep without a struggle. So now I’ve got to plan and activity for after her nap to tire her for bedtime😂

The question is, how long do I let her sleep for?

Sounds like she's gotten massively overtired. My little girl is currently in the same boat, I dont think she's quite ready for 1 nap everyday and it's all caught up with her. Xx

Oh good! No more than 2 hours I would say x

@Lauren mine dropped her 2nd nap naturally at 10 months old, so she’s been on 1 nap for a looooong time, the routine has been as it is for ages and she was never overtired before so I just don’t understand why all of a sudden

Perhaps she’s ready to fully drop her nap? Or is she teething? I only ask as when my little girl is teething she gets overtired quicker and needs quite a lot more sleep on the day x

Could she be going through a regression, learning loads? Or even teething? I know my son always has been affected with his sleep when he’s like that 🥹

My daughter wakes at 6-7am, nap is been 11-2pm usually for around 1.5hrs and then bedtime between 6-7pm. We found if she goes down any later than 7pm she wakes multiple times in the night and sometimes is wide awake for 2-3 hours in the night.

I can’t get my little one to go to sleep before 8:30 either! She just needs a long window before bed, and her sleep needs aren’t as high as others her age! Could you cut back nap, or wake them earlier?

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