Foods you ate/ordered after giving birth?

Not sure what I want yet but I’d like to hear what others ate
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🤔 I also want to know , I've seen some tiktoks of some people getting some of there favorites that they couldn't eat during pregnancy like sushi

First night at home had a pizza. I’d had GD so carbs weren’t good for me in pregnancy. It was glorious.

I'm getting sushi

Planning to get sushi, my favorite food 😭😍 still have to avoid high mercury fish like tuna if you’re breastfeeding though

My LO was in NICU and I wasn't doing well the first few weeks, but after that ordeal, our anniversary was up, and I finally had a medium-rare steak ♡

A medium rare steak and soo many sandwiches

McDonald’s lol

Mmm all sounds lovely. I’m trying to decide if I should make something or have someone bring me food while I’m at the birthing center. But I guess it depends on what time of the day I’ll be in labor haha

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