Co-sleeping with cats + baby

My two cats, Miah & Suzi co-sleep with us. If we lock the bedroom door they cry at the door. I’m wondering how to handle this when the baby comes. I am 34w4d expecting our first child. Our baby will sleep with us in a bassinet beside the bed. The bassinet I bought has a zipper net on top, so that the cats can’t get to baby. I specifically bought that one so that my super cuddly cats don’t sit on him. One of the cats is a fat cat who doesn’t realize she is fat 😅 I have the bassinet out for the cats to explore. I don’t know what is the best approach with sleeping situation. Do I ban the cats from our room for the first few months? Or do I use the net and allow the cats to continue sleeping with us? I do not feel comfortable having the bassinet open and the cats sleeping in the same room until the baby is a few months old. What did you do?
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I was worried about this too! But my cat left him alone. I think cats recognize babies are babies. Mine just wanted attention from me and slept at my head like he always did. Just my experience though! He did go into the bassinet before baby was born but left everything alone after.

This was my worry too but the cats didn’t want anything to do with the baby with all the cries and jerk movements. Up to this day, 21 months, they still keep their distance

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