Toddler age

Anyone else finding the toddler stage an exhausting and wild ride? I’m enjoying it too but WOWwww. Sometimes I wish he would understand things like ‘it’s fine hun, no one wants your train or soggy biscuit’ 😂
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Yep! I love seeing her develop and she makes me proud everyday plus she’s hilarious but its INTENSE. So tiring. When people say the newborn phase is the hardest, it’s all lies 😂

@vicky omg the Netflix binges for hours, blissssssss

@Ruth @vicky yessss 😂 the contact naps where you were forced to do nothing and being able to pee with them not moving at all

@Ruth i miss netflix so much 😂

@Aysha i miss sofa days. We were so lucky having them in winter so we could really enjoy the cosy contact naps

Yeah it's definitely a wild ride, that's for sure! I do not miss the newborn days AT ALL lol 😂 I think mostly though I was suffering from depression and bubba had been in intensive care. So it all felt too much. But this is just as hard. Different, wonderful, amazing, fun. But exhausting, emotional and frustrating too 💕

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