My 2 month old use to sleep in his bassinet no issue. Woke up for his bottles and change his diaper and went back to sleep in his bassinet. Well my husband and I thought it was cute when he’d fall asleep on our chests or take naps with us like that. We shouldn’t have done that. Now he refuses to sleep in his bassinet at night. Is there a way to fix this? I’m a ftm and really didn’t mean to get him use to sleeping on us.
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My baby has been doing this for 15 months but also loves sleeping in the pram have you tried feeding baby then going for a walk in the fresh air ? we usually put some relaxing music on and then he has his nap in the pram and has done since he was little as he didn’t like napping in a moses basket / bassinet

It’s biologically normal for babies to want to sleep with or next to their mums/parents. You can’t ‘fix’ a baby. Look up safe sleeping and if you’re sleeping well then why change it.

If he fall asleep on you can you put him in his bassinet at night? Have you tried the weighted swaddle? It makes them feel like someone has their hand on them

@Erika weighted sleep sacks unfortunately aren’t safe and many have been recalled. @Aime this is so normal! They just want to be close to you. You’re not creating any bad habits. Just make sure to be aware of safe chest sleeping and the safe sleep 7 for bed sharing.

The baby will get used to anything that would be repeated for more than 3 times around same time. Now the question is are you co-sleeping? The baby being on the same bed or between the parents or between a wall and someone is hazardous as we may fall on them or they may get trapped between the spaces between the and bed and... In this case just change the cover of the mattress on the bassinet a different color is better if you can change the bassinets place it would help and apply a bit of your perfume under the matt. Play a loooot with him and put him to bed. When he cries pick him up play a bit more and put him back. Give him a few minutes as you're by his side but he's in the bassinet. He'll adjust

@GMF thank you for pointing out that they have been recalled from some resellers. We live in UK and we haven’t heard any issues regarding the dreamland weighted swaddle

You haven’t done anything wrong. He is just more aware of what’s going on now. My son stopped sleeping in a cot at 8 weeks.

@Erika it’s sooo frustrating to me that companies are allowed to sell things that aren’t safe! I mean I guess with the weighted sleep sacks maybe they were generally considered safe for a while. At least here in the US they can still sell things like mesh crib bumpers and things that aren’t ever safe. I bought a mattress to add to my son’s pack and play having no idea you can’t add any aftermarket products to it. Keeping up with safety stuff is a full time job, I swear.

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