Squeaking all night

Our newborn (3 weeks old, but 6 weeks early) is keeping us up all night 😩 she is absolutely fine if we hold her but will constantly squeak, grunt and moan when we put her in the next to me. She doesn't seem to do it much during the day. If she does it'll only be a couple of minutes before she settles into a sound sleep. But over night it's constant if she's not laying on our chest. I sometimes think it's her trying to poo but other times it's definitely not that. Not really sure what I'm looking for but I just need some suggestions on how to settle her because I can't go on not sleeping at all 😩 Video attached is this morning, it's not as bad as it's been during the night but this is what it can be like. She's now settled herself, something she won't do in the next to me cot
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Maybe silent reflux

Unfortunately it’s really normal. Sleeping with Newborns sounds like sleeping in a farmyard! We moved our eldest into his own room around 11 weeks old as he was sleeping through the night but was doing this constantly and keeping us awake, which in turn meant I kept checking him and then waking him up!

@Stephanie would this not effect her during the day too?

Completely normal! I actually asked my husband to go sleep on the sofa at about 3-4am as I said with baby in the next to me on my left and him in bed snoring on my right I had a surround sound of snores and grunts and was laying there awake. I’m not sure why it increases on a night, it did with my other two kids as well. I don’t know if I just notice it more at night as it’s so quiet? Also she sleeps on me a lot through the day so I think she is naturally more settled on a day. I bought a white noise machine a couple of days ago which has helped a lot. I’ve noticed it is blocking out smaller sounds and I am just waking up to her real cues that she is getting up. Although it didn’t work last night with the husband snoring, he’s on night shifts for the next three nights 🥳 that’s probably why the white noise doesn’t work for his sounds yet! Don’t share a bed often haha

@N 💞 😩😩 it's just so exhausting!

I wonder if they don’t so it as much during the day as they can hear us too? I guess our voices being around them somewhere might settle them too.

It's completely normal. They do eventually grow out of it. Not sure why they do it but newborns are actually really noisy 😅😅 My baby just turned 6 weeks and is definitely a lot less grunty/squeaky now.

I remember this phase and me and partner being completely shocked at how grunty she was. The grunting is actually them learning how to move food/gas through their system, it makes them grunt! I found she grunted less if we “got her farts out” before bed! I did you gripe water a couple of times too but I think they have to be 1 month old for that!

I think all babies do this. My little boy grunts, laughs, squeaks in his sleep and has done since birth. He’s 6 weeks this Sunday & I just have to try and sleep through the noise. It’s hard but it’s something they grow out of once they’re older x

At night it’s much quieter, darker and scarier for them. You are their safe space. Do you use any white noise or a night light or anything? If not it may be worth trying. Also on a side note these chairs aren’t safe for sleeping, particularly in newborns and even more so in preterms as they don’t hold their head in a safe neutral position which can restrict their airway

This is pretty normal, especially for preterm babies. Preterm babies tend to be a bit more squirmy than babies born at term!

White noise is a lifesaver as others have suggested!

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