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Hey y’all! We’re almost ready to start my almost 5 month old on foods. She’s only been breastfed but just recently started showing interest in food when I eat. Her pediatrician told me to start simple with one food a day so I can tell how it agrees with her body and to only use wheat-based infant cereal, not rice-based. Does anyone have any recommendations on infant cereals? Any fruits or veggies I should start with? I’d like to puree them myself. And I’ve heard to mix with breastmilk. I am asking for any and all advice as this is my first baby. 🥹☺️🩷
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I don’t have a recommendation because we’re on the same boat but I use an app called Yuka and it will tell you what’s in what. I love it!

We started our baby on solids a few weeks ago, because we were early we’ve been doing purées. We did green beans first then sugar snap peas, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, peas and yogurt just the other day. Yogurt has definitely been the favorite so far. Our pediatrician gave us the same recommendation of one food every few days and we didn’t have any issues but knowing we could isolate the issue was great peace of mind. I did jarred food first out of panic but have been able to do fresh produce for everything else with a steamer and food chopper attachment for my immersion blender- especially going one food at a time it’s been more manageable than I expected. But I also do a batch and freeze a lot of it into ice cube trays. We used the ready set food system for introducing allergens but I bought two kits do we could slow down the introductions, do them over the weekend and really watch him all day for delayed reactions. Of course this is just what worked for us! Good luck ❤️❤️

I started mine on solids a few weeks ago(he was a month early so we’re a little ahead) and we did sweet potato first because it’s sweet and he’s been used to breast milk. At first he didn’t really know what to with the purée. Like he just sat with it in his mouth and looked disgusted till he spit it out lol. I haven’t tried any other puréed veggies but I did make him an egg and rice cereal purée he really liked. I had more success putting the sweet potato in the little net thing so he could suck on it and play with it himself. And yesterday we tried it again with the spoon and he actually ate it! I have been giving him random things to chew on for teething but watching him like a hawk, apple slices celery broccoli stems. We’re going to make a broccoli and apple purée this week since he didn’t have an allergic reaction to chewing it.

I know any common allergin foods (egg, soy,..etc) you need to do one at a time to see if any reaction comes up. There are good resources on YouTube - Emma Hubbard is one I like. I am doing baby led weaning so we will be exploring foods before having him try to eat them. Large chunks of meat and large strips of egg is what we'll start with so he can experience real texture. We will do fruits in low quantities bc I know he'll love the sweetness. I like the mixing of breast milk that's a great idea!

SolidStarts on Instagram or their website is a great source of information! It's a Baby Led Weaning approach which is great for several reasons and for me 2 in particular: ur baby can eat whatever you eat and enjoy dinner together and if u baby self feeds there's a smaller chance of choking

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